About us

The National Land Service under the Ministry of Environment is a state institution of the Republic of Lithuania that implements state policy in the fields of land management and administration, land reform, land management planning, real estate cadastre, accounting, geodesy, cartography, state spatial data sets and mapping.

The vision of the National Land Service is the efficient use of land, ensuring the sustainable development of the country.

The mission of the National Land Service is to provide high-quality land management and administration services and the use of spatial data in a modern and transparent manner.

The strategic goal of the National Land Service is to ensure the rational use of land, efficient and high-quality regulation of land relations and the development of geodesy, cartography and real estate cadastre.

Professionalism - competent, high-quality, responsible and result-oriented activities.
Transparency is an open, public and clear activity.
Cooperation - common goal pursuit and teamwork, services based on mutual trust, communication with stakeholders.
Modernity - the ability to adapt to changing conditions, the application of new working methods and technologies.
Operational priorities:
1. State land management, land administration and accounting.
2.Completion of the land return (reform) process.
3. Supervision of the activities of economic entities (persons) performing the work of establishing the cadastral data of real estate, preparation of geodetic and cartographic and land management planning documents.
4. State control of land use and state supervision of land management planning documents.
5. Development of electronic services.
6. Provision of transparent activities and quality services.
Short story. The National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture was established on 1 July 2001. As of 1 July 2010, after the abolition of the county governors 'administrations, the National Land Service took over the land management divisions and other functions of the county governors' administrations related to land management.
Aiming to perform the taken over functions, 48 territorial land management divisions were established in the Service, serving the territories of all municipalities of the country. On April 2, 2012, the renewed administrative structure of the National Land Service with 50 territorial divisions entered into force.
The headquarters of the National Land Service in Vilnius and 50 territorial divisions employ more than 800 people. The National Land Service aims to be as accessible as possible to the population - decisions on the privatization or legalization of land for use free of charge are made in the territorial subdivisions of the National Land Service located in the territories of municipalities. The aim is to minimize the time between the submission of a person's application to acquire or lease land and the decision.

Last updated: 08-09-2023